In the Company of Scoundrels

Departure Delayed

Alayna sighed with contentment before rolling off of Pierre and sprawling beside him on the large bed that dominated his quarters. After taking a minute to catch her breath, she got up and began pulling on her cloths. “As always Pierre, you did a magnificent job, but now I really have to start getting the Cicada ready for launch.”

“Whats your rush? We have 6 months to fill our holds before we have to be back.” The handsome man in the bed rolled over towards her opening his arms as invitation to rejoin him in the bed.

""some of us aren’t independently wealthy, and actually have to run real cargo while we do this" she said, yet still moved towards the bed, her eyes flickering across his naked body. Pierre was certainly well built, and as she had said, very wealthy. He was the type who played at smuggler and pirate because he was wealthy and board. If her wanted he could likely do well by simply pouring his own money into his ships hold and claiming it as his trade. On the other hand, Alayna had worked long and hard to get where she was – Captain of her own ship. She knew just how much of an advantage even a day could make on a wager such as this. Leaning back accross the bed, Alayna leaned into Pierre’s embrace, moaning softly as his hands reached under her still undone cloths.

A sharp ratcheting sound broke the air in the luxurious cabin as Alayna took advantage of Pierre’s distraction to secure one of his wrists to the restrains conveniently still attached to his bed. “He, what are you doing?” he asked, his mind still focused on her body.

“I’m sorry my dear, you were lovely as always, but I really must be going now. You wouldn’t respect me if I didn’t.” Smiling at his sudden realization, and enjoying his predicament Alayna quickly finished getting dressed and slipped out of Pierre’s cabin. She quickly applied some adhesive to his door panel, and then tossed the key to the restraints onto the floor in front of a nearby maintenance robot. She knew that neither of these things would really inconvenience Pierre, but it should give her more than enough time to warm up her ship and enter the drift before he even got underway. Whistling softly to herself, Alayna let herself off of the luxurious trading vessel, and made her way accross the docks towards her own ship.

Back on board the Astral Queen, Pierre lay back on his bed, not even bothering to struggle against the restraints. He laughed “well played my dear, well played. Next will be my turn, just you wait…”



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