In the Company of Scoundrels

A Backstage Pass

Vladimir Hendrik sat in his dressing room going over the details for his show later on. In truth his manager could have double checked everything, however Vlad was accustomed to performing his own checks – he didn’t give up control easily. As he worked, he sipped from a jeweled goblet of fresh halfling blood. Its donor lay on the ornate couch in the corner. Her skin pale from blood loss, was down on her luck and had been more than willing to take payment to be his “companion” for the day. She would survive the experience, but it would not be pleasant for her. A second goblet had already been drawn, and sat waiting on a tray beside the door.

As if on cue, the door swept open to dramatically reveal his guitarist Shevanna. Without hesitating, she lifted the goblet and drank deeply . The fresh blood briefly caused her normally corpse pale cheeks to flush pink before she set the now empty goblet back on the tray. The Kasathan’s long tongue catching a single drop of blood from one of her razor sharp fangs. “Vlad, my dear” she purred. I’ve just heard that tonight will be our first, and last show on Absalom, I thought we were planning to be here a while?" Her voice sounded vaguely petulant as if she were about to sulk.

“Plans change my dear. In this case, ghosts from long ago have found us.” Seeing the look of confusion on Shevanna’s face, Vlad’s smile was predatory “an opportunity my dear, for more than just fame and fortune. This is an opportunity to right past wrongs, and to deliver vengeance long overdue.” looking down, Vlad blinked, then placed his crushed goblet down on the ornate table beside his seat. “We will perform tonight, and depart tomorrow. Have the ship made ready for our departure…One other thing, the grandson of one of my former crew mates will be coming to the show. I want his name – Jim diGris added to the backstage guest list. He’ll likely be accompanied by crew of his own, add them too. I’ll be wanting to catch up after the show.”

The four-armed vampire bowed deeply, recognizing that it wasn’t the time to question. “It will be done immediately my Lord.”



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